“Everything has rhythm, Everything dances”~ Maya Angelou




 2018 Performance Schedule

Enlighten Studio

477 Main St.

Newcastle, CA



Enlighten Yin Rejuvenate

Enlighten on the Mat Tri-fecta

Your Instructors

Veronica Kesner
Cecelia Kay



1st class 50% off
$20 registration fee waived til Feb, 1 2019

Unlimited Special Rate Membership–see price tab

35 refreshing core rejuvenation classes per month




“Strengthens sculpts & leans while refreshing inside and out”

~Cecelia Kay
Classical Dancer 1990


Mother of Five 2002


2006-2007 Pilates healed body


Teaching Class 2007- Present


 “Enlighten on the Mat”  Tri-fecta televised 2015-present

In the gem of the Sierra foothills, 49’er gold rush town, Newcastle


Enlighten Studio February 2018


Every DAY is New

What is Enlighten on the Mat Tri-fecta?

Pilates / Dance Training / Breath

Continuing to astound students, fast results are visible. Do you desire healing inside and out?

In just one class you’ll feel better. Core & posture return rapidly.

After the owner, a mother of five healed so well using this unique process, she made a promise to the Universe to not keep it a secret.

Be amazed how fast your body tones & sculpts.

Enjoy the comfort you deserve.

(Come take your first class 50% off)