Summer 2003:

Summer 2016:

Cecelia Kay Neff, owner and founder of Enlighten Studio was classically trained in SF Bay Area at the Contra Costa Ballet School. She attended University of California Irvine. From 1993 to 2002 she bore 5 children. While raising them, she began teaching other students of all ages, practicing instruction through positivity.

1990 Prokofiev Pas de Deux  

Cecelia Kay Neff, ballet performance

Directed and Choreographed by ABT’s Zola Dishong, & Richard Cammack of The Contra Costa Ballet School


In 2003, looking more like a busy mom of five than a ballerina Cecelia also suffered from severe back pain including whiplash, cervical injuries, herniated discs, L4/L5 lower lumbar damage and sciatica. Returning to fitness in 2007  she trained herself with personal passion and knowledge of Ballet and Pilates.
In one year she lost 40 pounds and has remained healthy and fit to this day. She no longer suffers from back pains and began teaching at many of our local health clubs, fitness and dance studios as a featured guest, invited to be long term instructor.
Not wishing to keep this unique and powerfully effective method to herself, helping others, with rapid results for beings of all ages consistently training with her. From Health Clubs to Dance Studios, clients who had previous limitations were astounded and thankful to heal rapidly as they quickly recovered and reached their goals within a year. This confirming evidence revealed that Enlighten works for every body.
From 2007 to 2016 the staff of the following Placer County clubs, schools, and studios invited Cecelia to instruct. In 2014 Cecelia became the owner & director of “Enlighten Me Fitness” and in Feb 2017 Enlighten Dance Studio in Newcastle, CA opened its doors.
Generations Health Club
Bear River High School Dance Department
Horizon Charter School
Conservatory of Dance
Auburn Racquet and Fitness Club
Crunch Fitness
Auburn Community Television (Enlighten Pilates TV show)
Technically Ballet School
Roseville Health and Wellness Center
In addition to contributing to the community with passion, Cecelia held several performances throughout southern and northern California– from Orange County to Walnut Creek (for the opening of the Dean Lesher Center for the Arts) with Contra Costa Ballet, Placer Theatre Ballet, The University of California Irvine and with Sacramento’s, Mike Del Campo Dance Studio.
In uniquely comfortable style,  Cecelia’s mind-body training called “Enlighten on the Mat” (as inspired by combination of the timeless principles of ballet, pilates, and yoga) successfully transforms individuals of every age.  Beginner to advanced feel immediate refreshment, get rapid results, renewed posture, strengthened firm core, fat loss, visibly tone muscle, improved sleep, increased productivity, along with greater inspiration and energy.
Enlighten offers a full schedule of dance and fitness classes available for every age and gender.

Remember who you are.

~Cecelia Kay Neff