ENLIGHTEN on the Mat

 Enlighten on the Mat

Transformation inside and out. For more than a decade, this  tried and true method has brought rapid and lasting results for many students.

Enlighten Pilates Episodes taught by Cecelia Kay Neff on Auburn Community Television


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6 class pack: $100

40 Classes/month Unlimited Package: $160

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Those who join in 2017 pay $99/month for unlimited Enlighten classes. No obligation to pay while away, or not taking classes, for any reason, come and go as you wish through the seasons of life, but as a supporting member, your rate will never change. Guaranteed for LIFE.
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Enlighten on the Mat Pilates


ENLIGHTEN on the Mat:

Want lasting results?  Enlighten on the Mat practiced 2-4 times/week promotes rapid results. Transform your core with ease.  Remember who you are. Sleep better! Revitalize.

It is not a prerequisite to be flexible. The Enlighten method of training uses a uniquely refreshing combination of gentle stretching, yoga style movement and pilates, which successful ballet dancers use.  For those who haven’t worked out in a while and ready for change, this is exactly the place for you.  Whether your job involves sedentary work or physical labor, this type of training will transform all bodies, including the athlete who wants to improve ability.  Within weeks of consistency you will feel much stronger, healthier and more flexible. In a few short months you’ll be amazed at the changes you and others see.  Blended with special breathing techniques that makes training feel easy, Enlighten refreshes both body and mind, making it enjoyable to get lasting results.

What are your goals? You can achieve them.  As one who suffered from many problems listed (see director’s Bio), I experienced first-hand and then watched in amazement as lasting, healing relief was brought over the last decade to people like me.  Now pursuing various goals and dreams, those who once struggled with issues of: stiffness, sciatica, scoliosis, lower lumbar pain, cervical spine and other back injuries, osteoporosis, bone spurs, arthritis, headaches, tension, sickness, depression, weight gain and more… are enjoying life again as  result.  People have lost the need for pain meds and trips to the doctor.  Now instead, they’re taking up hobbies and activities that were once a thing of the past.

Its not just for women. Men LOVE the results. It’s bonding for partners. Goals are reached.

A couple in their 50’s that loved mountain biking, found themselves amazed after a few weeks of consistent classes.  For the first class, Gary later told me, his wife Kathy made him go with her. Her partner became  her motivator when she didn’t feel like going in, he was excited because for Gary, nothing else worked so well for him as a lifetime athlete. They were in awe at how it improved their mountain biking and all physical activities!

A grandmother who took Enlighten Mat class 4-5x/week, 2009-2010 reached her personal goal of ‘six pack’ abs, showing after only one year of consistent classes.

Several students have given permission to share that Enlighten on the Mat consistently drew them out of depression, which medication, counseling or otherwise wasn’t able to solve.

90 year old student, Mary, after a year of Enlighten, out to coffee with friends, tripping on a street curb caught herself. Consistent classes made her core strong. It was enough to pull herself together mid-air, landing solid rather than falling and breaking a bone.

Student Andrew in retirement, was once an avid athlete, feeling by 70 he lost it all. Immediately with Enlighten on the mat, he saw results. Losing extra weight in the first weeks, he found renewed core strength. On the mat one day, Andrew shared with thankfulness that he had tripped over his dogs’ water bowls, but amid Akitas and water flying, he landed like spider man, amazed.

Think of the change to your life three hours a week can do. 

Comparing you with you as you become more flexible inside and out is richly rewarding! The spine IS life.  A spine that moves freely and comfortably = a comfortable, healthy life.  Become stronger today than you were yesterday.  Enjoy the ease and peace of a productive life with renewed energy.  With Enlighten Pilates you will uncover strength that was never gone. It was only temporarily forgotten.  Remember who you are.

Email / call Enlighten with  questions or schedule your free consultation appointment. See the change you wish for.

Enlighten Pilates can help you as you revitalize posture, renew core, heal body, shed stress, lose weight, gain energy, feel healthier, and sleep better.

Find yourself amazed at your own super powerful endurance and strength with this effective, uniquely comfortable method of Enlighten. Hearing students leave the studio saying they feel like they just had a relaxing massage is such a reward!  Want transformation?  Learn this effective method that lasts for life.


Want FAST results?   Get private training ($75/session)

Best method: Sign up for three private training sessions /week (valued at $225) for $150  (the price of two!) See immediate changes. Once the simple technique is understood and applied, regular weekly classes and daily life efficiently continue maximizing results.