REAL Fitness is an INside job

Enlightened Soul~Mind~Body

Keep doing what you do Cecelia. The World needs more of the Universe that your beautiful soul has tapped into.  ~Mike Del Campo (2010)

You are the best ballet teacher and we could never find another instructor close to your quality. ~ parents of student, Ellie (2010)

Cecelia has a rare gift for teaching in a way that inspires, enlightens, and transforms the minds and bodies of her students. ~ Sarah Cummins (2015)

After I retired, I wanted to try something I had never done before, so I began taking Enlighten Pilates with Cecelia. She is very knowledgeable, taking time with her students. I don’t hesitate to recommend her and I’m grateful to be a recipient of her expertise. ~ Jan Radford-Harris (2011)

I enjoyed the whole day after doing your workout that started my day… and I did it again today and I’m just feeling like, wow… that really transforms the way I feel about my day, about my life.  ~ Marc Cissell (2015)

Cecelia is an amazing instructor, full of enthusiasm and energy, tempered with grace. ~ Michelle Beste (Feb 2010)



32% Body Fat to 12% in One Year

At 32% body fat, a determined sheriff in one year (three times a week) reached a life changing goal.

Enlighten Tri-fecta method brings results and is surprisingly easy.

Every age and body type becomes refreshed, productive, energized, balanced and sleeps better. (One hour 3x/week is worth it for these results)

Transformation achieved.

“Real lasting fitness begins on the INSIDE. With genuine love a beautiful shift of the truest fulfillment is created, and the culmination of our positive energies makes the world a brighter place.”

~Cecelia K. Neff

Sample: “You Make the World a Brighter Place”: