“Enlighten the Mind, Enlighten the Body”

(fitness begins on the INSIDE)

Keep doing what you do Cecelia. The World needs more of the Universe that your beautiful soul has tapped into.  ~Mike Del Campo, owner of Del Campo dance studio (2017)

You are the best ballet teacher and we could never find another instructor close to your quality. ~ parents of student, Ellie (2017)

Cecelia has a rare gift for teaching in a way that inspires, enlightens, and transforms the minds and bodies of her students. ~ Sarah Cummins (2016)

After I retired, I wanted to try something I had never done before, so I began taking Enlighten Pilates with Cecelia. She is very knowledgeable, taking time with her students. I don’t hesitate to recommend her and I’m grateful to be a recipient of her expertise. ~ Jan Radford-Harris (2016)

I enjoyed the whole day after doing your workout that started my day… and I did it again today and I’m just feeling like, wow… that really transforms the way I feel about my day, about my life.  ~ Marc Cissell  (July 2015) 

Cecelia is an amazing instructor, full of enthusiasm and energy, tempered with grace. ~ Michelle Beste (Feb 2010)



Kevin’s Testimonial (Oct 2014-Oct 2015)

Kevin: “How long would I need to train with you to be at 17% body fat?

Cecelia: If you commit to Enlighten on the Mat Personal Training for 3x/week, you will reach your goal in one year.

At 32% body fat, this determined young man working in law enforcement, expressed his wish to be in top shape. His motivation was pure, to be able to serve justice and catch bad guys. Showing up consistently, Kevin reached his goal. But not in the promised one year mark. It was in six months that he arrived at 17%.

Looking and feeling great, he chose to continue Enlighten another 6 months, until this athlete, one year from beginning,  reached above and beyond his goal. October 2015, a toned, confident, strong, healthy man ranking at 12% body fat was sent on his way. Kevin allows me to share his story so others can receive the same.

Enlighten students are amazed with this easy to use, unique method working for every kind of body. Leaving class lighter and refreshed, sleeping better, we become more productive, energized and balanced.

With consistent practice (2-4/times a week as recommended),  rapid results are achieved. Inspiration immediately occurs. In only two to three weeks transformation has begun, and in only two to three months changes are seen.

“My goal to help people see how easy it is to life a healthy life. It’s freeing actually. What I want for you is what I discovered for myself… to enjoy life daily, training in a natural way  with efficiency. A practice that makes everything more possible and life more pleasurable.

Meet goals rapidly, in the healthiest, most satisfying way.

Its 100% natural and easily habitual. We do not need to have some strenuous workout in order to see real change. Results come, while reducing stress. A comfortable pattern develops.

“I desire to assist  those ready for the peaceful path as we are here to make this world a brighter place.  Let’s create a beautiful shift in fulfillment. A culmination of our positive energies, making the whole more peacefully productive.”

~Cecelia K. Neff

Sample: “You Make the World a Brighter Place”:  https://youtu.be/Lh6KlZ9F1VA

Take a step ~ See change ~ Live free 

Fitness begins on the INSIDE.